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Getting Started
The minimum age for taking driving lessons in a car in the UK is 17, or age 16 if you are currently getting Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate (mobility component). Before you can start taking driving lessons you must apply for a provisional licence, which you can do 2 months before your 16th birthday, however you can NOT drive until your 17th birthday.To apply for your provisional licence, and obtain further details, visit the DVLA website at www.direct.gov.uk/motoring or obtain form D1 from the Post Office.

Theory Test
You can start learning to drive once you’ve received your provisional licence, and reached the age of 17, but before you can take your practical test, you must pass the theory test. You will be asked to answer 50 multiple choice questions, followed by a test of your hazard perception skills. You will need to pass both parts of the theory test at the same sitting to obtain your theory test pass certificate.You can obtain further details from the Driving Standards Agency website at www.direct.gov.uk/motoring

Practical Test
The test lasts about 40 minutes, during which your examiner will want you to drive safely and competently in various road and traffic conditions. You will be given directions and asked to carry out set exercises, which will include 10 minutes of independent driving and one of the following; reversing around a corner, turning in the road & reverse parking. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop. Apart from general driving, your test will also include an eyesight test. You will be required to read a car registration plate from 20.5 metres, candidates also have to do 2 basic maintenance checks (such as checking oil levels). We are able to ensure that you are fully prepared for your test, although this will not guarantee a pass.

Our syllabus for learner drivers is based on the Driving Standards Agency’s (DSA) recommended syllabus, which includes.

  • Cockpit check
  • Use of controls & instruments
  • Moving away & stopping safely
  • Safe positioning
  • Mirrors - vision & use
  • Correct use of signals
  • Anticipation & planning
  • Appropriate use of speed
  • Dealing with other traffic
  • Using junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Dual carriageways
  • Turning the vehicle around
  • Reversing
  • Parking
  • Stopping in an emergency
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Safety checks
  • Environmental issues
  • Carrying passengers & loads
  • Coping with adverse weather conditions and night driving
  • Security

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